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It is not easy to introduce all aspects of the product, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for your in-depth research.

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CNYH is a power industry group integrating production, scientific research,import and export trade,

and investment. It is one of the leading companiesin the field of low-voltage electrical in China.

General Hot Selling Products

We are pleased to recommend you the following hot products which are very popular worldwide. You must like them!

YHR5 series bypass soft start
PV350/PV800 Frequency converter
YHR5 series bypass soft start
AD800 Frequency Inverter
YHR5 series bypass soft start
AD350 Frequency Inverter
YH300 On-line soft starter
Soft Starter Cabient

Extensive usage scenarios Where can use it?

Our products are used in more and more application fields and have been supported and recognized by everyone. We will bring better and better services to everyone.

Micro switches, foot switches, travel switches, widely used in electronic equipment, instrumentation, medical treatment, mining, power systems, household appliances, electrical equipment, and military fields such as aerospace, aviation, ships, missiles, tanks, etc., have been Widely used in the above fields.

Polishing machine
Ball mill
Air compressor

Our Distribution Network

With high-quality products and high-quality services,CNYH is sold in Europe, America, the Middle East and other places through our broad market channels and service network. There are about 100 countries and 78 cities in the world

Company Profile

  • A wide range of electronic products and electrical products, such as Soft Starter; Frequency Inverter; AC Contactor;.Switches; Relays; and other series of related accessories and components.
  • Focus on the electronic products and. electrical products research, development and production.

Technology And Manufacture Team

With a strong technical design support, strong technology base, plenty of highprecision equipment, with strong mechanical and electrical engineering background, we thoroughly implement and carry forward the full quality philosophy to CNYH honor to create a perfect product.

We'd like to work with you

If you have any questions or request a quote, please send us the information. Our experts will give you an answer within 24 hours to help you choose the right product you want.

Our service starts here

The transaction is not the end, the service has just begun

you asked we answer

Single-phase 220v input, single-phase 220v output;Single-phase 220v input, three-phase 220v output; Three-phase 220v input, three-phase 220v output;Single-phase 220v input, three-phase 380v output;

According to your motor power, you can click “Chat Now” on the right and our sales staff will provide you withsolutions online.

Of course. We have an ERP management system. Once there is an inventory warning, we will prepare materials in advance to meet the urgent needs of customers.

Below 30kw, it’s carton package; 37kw and above, it’s wooden package.

R, S, T are input terminals of three-phase power supply of frequency converter.•U, V, W are output terminals of frequency converter, and connected three-phase asynchronous motor.P+ and PB are connected to the brake unit, P+ and P- are connected to DC (solar panel)

Our production strictly follow ISO9001 quality control system. After four times quality inspect and high temperature testing we will print “QA” pass.

We accept OEM and ODM with your autherization.

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